About the Practice

Calla down dogIn business speak, yoga can be thought of as an energetic “change agent,” facilitating disruptive change in the body (perhaps most notably, the brain). Mindful movement and breath exercise soothes the nervous system, which, at the pace many of us live, is often shifted into routine overdrive, leaving us in a prolonged state of “fight or flight,” where we can multi-task and wade through stress and crisis (or simply, traffic), but can rarely feel truly present or at peace internally.  This more relaxed state allows for more space between thoughts; more time to respond rather than react; more capacity to see complex problems from multiple viewpoints, and, maybe, even a cranky colleague or estranged friend from a place of tenderness.  In short, while toning muscles, we are also inviting a toning of awareness – the ability to neutrally observe our own mind states.

Yoga offers us an opportunity to play – to twist our body into Dogs, Warriors, and Crows, to balance on one foot, to see the world upside down, to find momentary delight in moving our bodies in a way we didn’t think was possible.  My three and six-year-old daughters giggle their way through poses, reminding me that for all of the benefits of the practice itself, a lighthearted chuckle at my own expense may be all the healing I need in a day.

My core practice is an alignment-based, medium-paced, meditative vinyasa flow. Classes encourage students to optimize the balance of strength and flexibility through healthy alignment and cultivation of a quieter mind through breath and meditation. Through intelligent sequences rooted in an understanding of anatomy and injury care, flow classes build purifying internal heat, leaving students both invigorated and grounded in a renewed sense of calm.14_KellyAndCamera.com_Kelly Smith_2013

I also offer Restorative yoga to foster deep relaxation – a wonderful offset to a regular active yoga practice in which props are used to fully support the body in ‘intentional rest.’ Restorative yoga is thought to bring healing to the body by increasing circulation to organs, which can serve to boost the immune, digestive and endocrine systems.

In private class settings conducive to a more therapeutic approach, I offer movement, breath and mindfulness practices tailored for anxiety, depression and stress resiliency.

I enjoy working with all ages and experience levels.

Whether you’re in search of pain relief, stress relief, or just a good old fashioned sweat, thanks for visiting. I hope to see you in on the mat soon!